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The Tetley Story

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Tetley Today


We’re committed to ensuring a better life for our farmers, better tea for you, and a better environment for everyone.

Ethical Tea Partnership

We’re one of the founding members of the Ethical Tea Partnership who are committed to improving the conditions of farmers growing our tea around the world. The Ethical Tea Partnership’s vision is to create a socially just, environmentally sustainable, and thriving tea industry. 

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Rainforest Alliance

100% of our black, green, and rooibos teas are Rainforest Alliance certified. The green frog seal on our packs indicates that our farmer’s plantations have been audited against rigorous certification standards that require meaningful steps toward long-term environmental, social, and economic sustainability. By purchasing our teas, you're helping support the livelihoods of farmers and contributing to positive change.

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Tea 2030

We’re proud to be a part of Tea 2030, a partnership between some of the largest tea companies, sustainability organizations, and academics. Together members identify long-term challenges of the tea industry and work together to develop solutions and ensure a sustainable global industry.

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Social Responsibility

Canadian Cancer Society

We’re longtime supporters of the Canadian Cancer Society and the breast cancer cause, a disease that impacts many individuals and communities across Canada. Being a supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society is our way of providing a bit of warmth for the many Canadians and their families affected by breast cancer.

Since 2001, we’ve contributed over $850,000 to the breast cancer cause.

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UNICEF Early Childhood Development

We’re proud to support UNICEF UK as part of a five-year program in Malawi dedicated to helping young children aged 0-5. This partnership will provide quality early childhood development services to one of the main tea growing areas in Malawi thus helping vulnerable children get the most from their education.

UNICEF plans to build two early childhood development centres in South Malawi where many of the tea estates are located. There are also plans to support parents and caregivers by offering help and advice on parenting, care, and the development of their children. Supporting children in their early years is an important way to help break the cycle of poverty and create meaningful and long-lasting change.

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